What’s cookin’ Good Lookin’?

03.31.11 | 4:31PM |

When Charlotte Street Foundation asked Design Ranch to be a part of their gallery event, The Dining Room Project, we immediately said, “Yes, please and thank you!” We designed a kitchen with a concept based on the smorgasbord of events taking place at the gallery. Our ranchaliscious kitchen is a smattering of color, humor, dinosaurs… everything but the kitchen sink.

The Dining Room Project is an 8-week “meal”, exploring people’s relationship with food and art. This concoction of performance, art and eatery is a partnership between urban Charlotte Street Foundation and suburban Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art. A spread of delicious events will take place starting March 18th at the Paragraph Gallery in Downtown Kansas City, and the Epsten Gallery in Overland Park.

Design Ranch teamed up with Custom Color (our favorite large-format digital printer) to create a life-sized kitchen at the Paragraph Gallery. The space is meant to be an interactive backdrop to The Dining Room Project events. The installation will be available for viewing until May 7th.

Events include a performative delivery of chocolate from the chocolate fairy, cookie decorating, modern dance performances and more. All events are centered around a 16-foot table made by artist, Peter Warren. An 80-page cookbook, documenting the gallery happenings, will be available at the end of the Dining Room Project.