It’s Lit at DR

02.15.17 | 10:15PM |

Well, the squirrel is outta the bag. Design Ranch narrowly escaped a fire in December when a chewed power line dropped mid-day and electrified our building. We are all happy to have made it out in one piece—although we can’t say the same for our furry friend. While the office undergoes some de-charring to return it to its original sparkly self, we have settled in (temporarily) with our friends at Helix Architecture. After some PTSD counseling (read: cocktails) we are back up and designing. So, in an ironic twist, if you need us in the next few months, we will be fireside at Helix. Stop by for a happy hour therapy session—we’d love to tell you the whole story. Write or visit Design Ranch @ Helix: 1629 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Missouri.