Design Ranch

04.15.14  |  2:33 pm

This year’s Hall Family Foundation annual report was dedicated to the heart and soul of the nonprofit world… volunteers! These men and women work tirelessly every day to serve and improve our community: to find a need and fill it, to find a hurt and heal it, to find someone with a problem and offer to help solve it. With such inspiring subjects, Design Ranch had no problem creating a beautiful report that shared these volunteers’ powerful stories.

Change it, heal it, fill it, see it, help it, solve it, love it… Read it!

03.04.14  |  8:38 pm

When stylist + jewelry designer, Leslie Fraley came to us to name and brand her new shop + studio, we were flattered. She has impeccable taste paired with an artful eye. Inspired by the high-end craft of the pieces in her shop, we named and designed the Finefolk brand. A sophisticated, beautiful look reminds everyone, “We ar Finefolk.” 

02.19.14  |  10:22 pm

Our spring shoot for Buckle took us all the way to Yelapa, Mexico. It was the perfect location to do a little art directing of the season’s styles. The crew was certainly Yelapa-ing when we took an adventurous approach onto shore for Day 3 of our shoot!

01.10.14  |  11:53 pm

Time for another edition of TRU Magazine, brought to you by Design Ranch and the Truman Library Institute. Members and fans read the last edition and loved it, this one appears to be just as TRUific. The new name, look and layout are faring well for Harry and his legacy. Become a member and get your own copy twice a year, featuring great design and fascinating info about President Truman and his relevance today.

12.30.13  |  4:50 pm

Everyone’s talking about the new name and brand for MEDiAHEAD! And rightly so! This printing company is upping the ante with a new look and expanded scope of marketing offerings. Yes, yes, they are still the same great people with the same quality printing capabilities, but now they look the part! Get in. Get integrated! 

11.14.13  |  5:27 pm

Every year, PRINT magazine showcases the year’s best work from around the U.S.–things like ad campaigns, self-promotion, book covers… you get the gist. They call it their Regional Design Annual, and we were a part of it… TWICE! Our work for Carthage Stoneworks and Nufangle is among the proud designs chosen to represent the best of letterhead and logo design. So if you’re on your way to pick up a copy of our feature in HOW, add PRINT mag to your shopping list!

11.05.13  |  3:11 pm

This book is a compilation of some truly engaging brochures–5 of which are ours! Nufangle, Life Uncommon Photography, KCAI, KU Med and KCMO CDE all made the cut for Best of Brochure Design 12. This lively group is a fantastic argument against all those haters who say print is dead. Viva print design!

10.30.13  |  7:48 pm

Nathaniel Cooper has officially arrived! We are proud to announce that he has joined the Design Ranch team as our new creative director. This crazy cat gave up Krispy Kreme donuts, luscious Beauty Brands hair and On The Border tacos for a life on The Ranch. We are looking forward to putting his award-winning design and 10+ years of strategic ad agency experience to good use. Welcome to your new home, Nathaniel!

10.22.13  |  3:23 pm

Here’s a solid brand for all our avid readers. Carthage Marble, a family stone fabrication company, was looking to break the mold. Design Ranch helped them bring their company out of the stone ages and into, well… a new age as Carthage Stone Works. Since materials are important, we made special use of print processes to show Carthage’s craftsmanship. A modern spin on tradition is exactly what this company needed to stand out from its stodgy competition. Check out the new site we designed for them… it rocks. (And contains no puns.)

10.17.13  |  9:00 pm

Readers may have noticed that this month’s issue of HOW Magazine is a bit Ranchier than usual. Design Ranch has been featured as a firm to watch in the November mag. Needless to say, we are flattered. The article starts by talking to our ability to mix meticulous design with thought-provoking copy, then touches on our strong work ethic and flair for collaboration. It sums everything up with a retrospective look at our 15-year-old firm and the girls’ ability to stay true to our core beliefs of innovative design, strategic ideas and the power of language. Oh yes, and we almost forgot to mention we designed the cover as well! Get your own copy here. Go ahead. You know you want one…. or ten.