Where better than Sin City to show off this season’s styles?! Buckle packed up and headed to Lost Wages to strut its stuff in the lesser-known areas of the city. From motels, to wedding chapels, to highways… we covered some ground (literally). We may be broke, but we got our Vegas fix! Look for the story in the upcoming Buckle Spring campaign.

Buckle Spring Art Direction

Wild About Winning

12.03.14 | 8:3PM |

The 15th annual Wild About Harry fundraising dinner, is a special occasion… so we dressed Harry accordingly. The invite we designed for the event received 1st place honors at the Philly Awards, celebrating the best and brightest in nonprofit communications. Rumor had it that our design stood out in the most competitive category – the special event invitation.  AND since we did such a darn-tooting good job, we were given a perfect score from the judges. Truman Library Institute’s director of development said it best, “Harry’s never looked so good!” See more of our work for the library below.

Truman Library Institute

Truman Library: A Site to See

11.07.14 | 10:7PM |

Harry Truman said, “Do your best, history will do the rest.” Well, we did. And we hope that the Truman Library Institute site is one for the books. We are proud to announce the new and improved Truman Library Institute website. The site is a robust one–packed with information, quotes, events, photos… it’s TRUly awesome. Check it out here.

Truman Library Institute

Expanding on Branding

10.24.14 | 2:24PM |

Talk about a bold brand! International Architects Atelier is in it to win it with their new website at I-A-A.com. The expanding navigation is a great example of how these architects use space to get the most bang for their buck. Now their home online is as swoon-worthy as the rest of the brand.

International Architects Atelier

A Perfect A10

09.22.14 | 10:22PM |

This past weekend, AIGA Kansas City celebrated its 10th annual design competition and exhibition. Of course, Design Ranch participated… and of course we had a blast. The DR crew walked away with eight awards! Two of which were juror’s choice awards, making us the feel like the luckiest bunch in town. Take a look at all our brand-spankin’, award-winning work: Finefolk, Estudio Real, KCMO CDE, Woodside, Truman Library, Made Smart and Center Friends.

Estudio Reál

3,632 entries were submitted to the 55th annual Communication Arts design competition, only 152 were selected and only 8 of those were chosen as the best in branding. Design Ranch was lucky enough to win TWO in the category of our specialty. Finefolk and Truman Library make their mark on the judges with outstanding design. We are in great company sharing the title with some of the finest design firms in the world. Check out the other winners here. This is truly a testament to our hard work and incredibly talented group of creatives at The Ranch. Yippee!


Imagine This

06.26.14 | 6:26PM |

The KCMO CDE is helping Kansas City businesses and organizations realize their dreams through creative funding. We wrote and designed this year’s annual report to help inspire people in low-income communities to get involved with the KCMO CDE. Playful illustrations add a little whimsy to the works. And of course, the book wouldn’t be complete without a pencil binding for idea doodling.

KCMO CDE Annual Report - Imagine This

Quick! Your electricity goes out in a big storm, you have no heat, microwave, cell phone charger. What do you do? Reach for your Boltwell box, of course! Boltwell isn’t your normal camouflage-clad army surplus prepper. We designed a brand for the emergency preparedness kits that combined style with practicality–making Type-A moms with modern, sophisticated taste swoon. When concepting the strategy, we thought, what better symbol for the brand than a tortoise?! It carries its shelter wherever it goes–ready to hunker down or bolt away at any moment. Plus, tortoises live for a very, very long time and so will this brand. Get your own emergency prep box at Boltwell.com and “Live well equipped.”


Come Sun, Come All

05.22.14 | 12:22AM |

Come sun, come all – Buckle‘s new summer banners are in stores! After a lot of work (and some play) during or sun-soaked shoot in Yelapa, Mexico, we were beaming with delight to see the final product on our doorstep. See the campaign for yourself online and in stores now – no SPF required.

Buckle Live On Campaign