What if?

09.26.13 | 3:26PM |

Some of our most fulfilling work is done for our design-minded clients. Helix is definitely one of those. We are proud to announce the launch of their new multi-platform responsive website, showcasing their gorgeous and innovative work. Principal Kathy Kelly was beyond thrilled with the process, “Design Ranch has done an excellent job creating our new website and it is not easy pleasing 4 highly visual shareholders! The process was masterfully done. I was impressed. They presented us multiple variations of a very strong concept all relative to our brand’s evolution. Every stakeholder felt vested without marginalizing the concept. Or more simply put… they let us have influence without screwing up the big idea! I knew Design Ranch as one of the strongest visual/graphics firms in KC however did not realize how adept they were on the technology side. Our results were state of art.” See their brand-spankin’ new site at helixkc.com.

Helix Architecture Website