Kansas City’s MLB Urban Youth Academy is Changing Lives

01.18.19 | 9:18PM |

As the plans for Kansas City’s MLB Urban Youth Academy started to unfold in 2015, the same year the Royals won their first World Series since 1985 , Royals GM Dayton Moore, and those involved in bringing the facility to life, asked themselves this question: “How can we bridge the gap between urban, suburban and rural in Kansas City?” Moore was quoted saying in a recent feature story on UYA’s impact — specifically in the life of a young boy named Vinny Esparza. Darwin Pennye, the academy’s executive director, was also quoted saying that at UYA, “we have the ability to make the first experience a great experience. If you get more kids playing, you’re bound to develop elite-level players.” Part of that experience comes through in small graphic details, such as the signage and wayfinding found throughout the facility. Our team at Design Ranch is proud to have developed a modern system of bold signage, wayfinding and environmental graphics, which can be found all around the exterior, that reinforce the connection between baseball and success at UYA. Our small role plays into the bigger picture that UYA is constantly working towards for kids like Vinny.