Printing a Difference

04.22.19 | 8:22PM |

At Design Ranch, we’re constantly looking for ways to implement more sustainable design practices that are both beautiful and eco-friendly — especially when it comes to final print production. One great example of this can be found in the rebrand we did for BranchPattern, a building consultancy dedicated to creating spaces that focus on human experience and are sustainable for the environment. With multiple locations and nearly one hundred employees that would all need business cards, BranchPattern knew this portion of their print needs would be the most extensive. So, we came to them with a solution. The paper we used from Mowhawk Paper to print each business card was made up of 30% post-consumer waste — a process that saves green house gas emissions, wastewater, net energy and trees. Next, we used a colored paper and just a single-color ink process to reduce ink usage, while still giving the impression of a two-color print.