In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re shining a light on Design Ranch client Wendy Doyle — the Founder/CEO of the Women’s Foundation. When Wendy came to us for help rebranding the Women’s Foundation — to help them “get a seat at the table” — we got to work establishing a look as sophisticated, strong and purpose-driven as the people behind the foundation’s work. Since the rebrand, we’ve helped create unique identities for their Appointments Project initiative, as well as their empowering annual events. Being a women-owned business, our continued partnership with Wendy and the Women’s Foundation is especially meaningful, and we look forward to collaborating on future initiatives and projects.

Words from Wendy:

“Design Ranch took our initial thoughts and pushed us to an even higher level. Our re-brand has caught the eye of new faces and anchored our position in the region. The outcome and experience has far exceeded expectations.”

Little Logo, Big Impact

02.28.19 | 5:28PM |

Often times, a logo serves as the first impression that a brand makes. Therefore, when we did a re-brand for the National Museum of Toys & Miniatures, we knew a bold, modern logo would be crucial in repositioning them locally and helping them establish a strong presence nationally. The unique mark we came up with uses an upper case ‘T’ to represent toys and a lower case ‘m’ to represent miniatures. See how this updated logo lives throughout the brand by viewing the full project and website re-design!

Happy groundbreaking, REVERB!

01.21.19 | 11:21PM |

We’re honored to have created the logo and identity system for REVERB, a modern, 14-story Crossroads-inspired apartment set to open in the summer of 2020. Congrats to our awesome clients at Burns & McDonnell, as well as Copaken Brooks for the highly-anticipated construction kick-off today! Check out the full story here and be on the lookout for the full brand — coming soon!

As the plans for Kansas City’s MLB Urban Youth Academy started to unfold in 2015, the same year the Royals won their first World Series since 1985 , Royals GM Dayton Moore, and those involved in bringing the facility to life, asked themselves this question: “How can we bridge the gap between urban, suburban and rural in Kansas City?” Moore was quoted saying in a recent feature story on UYA’s impact — specifically in the life of a young boy named Vinny Esparza. Darwin Pennye, the academy’s executive director, was also quoted saying that at UYA, “we have the ability to make the first experience a great experience. If you get more kids playing, you’re bound to develop elite-level players.” Part of that experience comes through in small graphic details, such as the signage and wayfinding found throughout the facility. Our team at Design Ranch is proud to have developed a modern system of bold signage, wayfinding and environmental graphics, which can be found all around the exterior, that reinforce the connection between baseball and success at UYA. Our small role plays into the bigger picture that UYA is constantly working towards for kids like Vinny.

Like Birds of a Feather…

01.10.19 | 10:10PM |

Before City Hall underwent a major elevator renovation this past fall, Design Ranch was tasked with creating a strong awareness campaign to help inform the public/employees, and make people feel more comfortable with all of the changes. Our concept draws parallels between human nature and nature itself in a unique, bold and eye-catching way. Head over to KC City Hall to check it out yourself, or, just wait for the project to go live on our site SOON!

When the Truman Library Institute came to us for a presidential rebrand, we knew the logo would be an important — and iconic — aspect. The result? A mark that’s modern, bold and timeless. Check out the full project here, and stay tuned for another Truman Library Institute project that we can’t way to show you! Coming to our website soon…

An Iridescent Design Dream

10.29.18 | 2:29PM |

The concept behind Palette Eight: Iridescent, Holographics in design, goes back to the basics of color itself — showcasing works that bring to life the malleable nature of iridescence in graphic design. The preface speaks to iridescence and holographic foil as a way for designers “to create depth, balance, and points of interest on a monochromatic base,” describing our ‘Lux Naturalis’ invitation cards for the Spencer Museum of Art as subtle yet meaningful in their execution. We’re honored to have our work featured alongside that of so many talented designers and are proud to be on the leading edge of these advances in design/printing technology!

An A+ Performance at A14

10.26.18 | 9:26PM |

Design Ranch thrived in the spotlight at the AIGA A14 Awards this year (and not just for our dance moves)! We ended the night with ten total awards, a Juror’s Choice recognition for our Corvino branding and a Diversity and Inclusion honor for our Women’s Foundation work! We are so proud to be a part of such a talented design community. Keep shining, Kansas City.

A complete list of our award-winning work includes:
Vine Oh!
Inspiring Growth 2017 Hall Family Foundation Annual Report
Unicorn Theater 2017 Posters
Fishtank Theatre
Women’s Foundation 25 Year Anniversary Event
Foot Traffic
Lux Naturalis
Native Atlas

Art Direction That Stops Traffic

07.12.18 | 9:12PM |

When creating brand identity systems for our clients, we know that exceptional photography plays a crucial role in artfully portraying the vision behind the concept. When Foot Traffic came to us looking for a new brand, we knew that art directing a photoshoot — in order to develop a strong photo library — would be important in conveying the fun, playful nature of this unique sock line. For this shoot, we used dramatic strobed lighting with playful props and scenarios to highlight the socks, capture the attitude of the new brand, and of course, encourage self-expression!