IAA is A.O.K

10.02.13 | 3:2PM |

International Architects Atelier was looking for a little attention. Busyness caused the brand to fall by the wayside, until we swooped in! The new brand is packing some punch with a bright magenta and beautiful attention to detail. It certainly shows the studio’s ability to execute flawless architectural design. Keep an eye open for their new site to launch soon!

International Architects Atelier

What if?

09.26.13 | 3:26PM |

Some of our most fulfilling work is done for our design-minded clients. Helix is definitely one of those. We are proud to announce the launch of their new multi-platform responsive website, showcasing their gorgeous and innovative work. Principal Kathy Kelly was beyond thrilled with the process, “Design Ranch has done an excellent job creating our new website and it is not easy pleasing 4 highly visual shareholders! The process was masterfully done. I was impressed. They presented us multiple variations of a very strong concept all relative to our brand’s evolution. Every stakeholder felt vested without marginalizing the concept. Or more simply put… they let us have influence without screwing up the big idea! I knew Design Ranch as one of the strongest visual/graphics firms in KC however did not realize how adept they were on the technology side. Our results were state of art.” See their brand-spankin’ new site at helixkc.com.

Helix Architecture Website

Center Friends Forever

09.18.13 | 3:18PM |

From learning to listening, as a Center Friend, you have to do it all. We designed a friendly logo and look to help recruit volunteers and participants for the newly developed mentorship program at Center School District. A well-designed guide gives tips on how to be a good mentor, what to expect from the program and show people what it means to be a Center Friend. We’ve always gotten along with Center School District, but now we are totes BFFs.

All in the Family

09.07.13 | 3:7PM |

Next stop, Memory Lane! In order to preserve family memories and make a smash at the summer reunion, Design Ranch helped family members submit photos, video and audio through a well-designed, multi-component kit. The box contained parts and pieces intended to boost participation and inspire responses to questions like, “If you were 6 inches tall for a day what adventures would you go on?” Forget Granny’s scrapbook, this project had the whole fam damily thinking outside the box.

Family Reunion Kit

TRUly A Good Read

08.15.13 | 3:15PM |

We know publication design is important, and Harry Truman would certainly back us up on that. He once said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” We are leading a new design initiative for the Truman Library Institute with the design for TRU magazine. The biannual publication was reinvented to show how relevant the 33rd presidency still is today. Become a member and you too could be nose deep in presidential design!

Truman Library Art Direction

Our new brand for Woodside Health & Tennis Club has us feeling svelte. Members are raving about the new logo and look. In order to make a big splash, we revealed the new brand at the pool opening with menus, posters, and Woodside gear. Beyond looking great, it’s effective! Pool-goers are reading the menu from cover to cover thanks to clever quips and clean design. Here’s an overview of what the new pool offers. Pay special attention to the pool rules. You can’t miss em.

Woodside Pool Campaign

Look into the Light

07.17.13 | 3:17PM |

Orange you glad it’s summer?! We’re all feeling sun-kissed and summery with this Lee branded lifestyle shoot. We used the sun to our advantage by letting it shine in true Lee brand color–orange!

Lee Jeans Core Art Direction

TRU Design Ranch

07.12.13 | 4:12PM |

Lose the powdered wigs and stodgy old photos folks, because we’ve designed a brand any president would be proud of. Design Ranch has completely revamped the look for the Truman Library Institute. We boldly went where no design firm has gone before, to redesign the logo, and update the presidential library seal. The buck may have stopped there, but we didn’t! Any history buff can attest that some of the most famous presidential quotes are those of Truman. Inspired by the 33rd President’s words, we designed a bold, modern set of collateral for his library namesake.

Truman Library Institute

Americana! Americana!

06.27.13 | 4:27PM |

Uncle Sam would be proud of our design for Woodside’s Americana party. This 4th of July, members and guests can enjoy an all-American cookout and pool party hosted at Kansas City’s coolest pool. Inspired by this grand country of ours, Design Ranch made invites, posters and e-blasts to celebrate the good ol’ U. S. of A.

Summatime Ceramics

06.25.13 | 4:25PM |

We are in kahoots with Hallmark again! This time, we designed a line of ceramics for summer fun. Salt and pepper shakers, grill-shaped candy dishes, aprons, beverage buckets, you name it, we designed it! You’ll be lovin’ summer with these cute accouterments. Fire up the grill! Let’s get summer started ceramic style!