Hail to the Chief

05.22.13 | 4:22PM |

Word from the White House is that Design Ranch’s design has received the Presidential Seal of Approval. President Barak Obama recognized Center School District for their efforts and progress made with the Made Smart campaign. The President showed his support with a signed note straight from the oval office! We are honored to be a part of such a great cause.

Made Smart — Center School District

Don’t Forget to Brush

05.03.13 | 4:3PM |

Raise your hand if you like going to the dentist. Anyone? Anyone? Hmmm… Well, here’s a brand to change your mind about that. Dr. Humphrey came to Design Ranch with a unique challenge: get people excited about going to the dentist. Since Dr. Humphrey is cooler than your average dentist, we had plenty of inspiration. We started by designing a ton of cool swag and it was all smiles from there on out. Check back soon for photos of Dr. Humphrey’s new space.

KC Dental Works

Totally Intuit

04.17.13 | 4:17PM |

Confucius say, “Boring does not B-to-B have to be.” Or was that Yoda? Anywho… We’ve always taken that sentiment to heart when it comes to designing for our business-to-business clients. Intuit, makers of TurboTax, Quicken and Quickbooks, asked Design Ranch to come up with a sales tool for their Enterprise Solutions program. So, we went beyond screen shots of new features, and produced a presentation that had customers clicking through and through. Our new presentation showed viewers dropping out at much lower rates than past presentations, and the majority of those who clicked beyond the first slide, enjoyed the entire thing! Design DOES make a difference and we have the results to prove it!

Intuit Sales Presentation

As Black & Veatch continues to be a global leader in building Critical Human Infrastructure, it’s no surprise that something as traditional as an annual review has been taken to a whole new level. The annual was created in three formats starting with the B&V app. It was then customized for a website and complimentary print piece. Download the app here, or read the printed version online.

Black & Veatch Annual Report App


04.04.13 | 4:4PM |

These guys call it like they see it. And, the brand we designed for VanTrust Real Estate does exactly that. With a straightforward way of business and a can-do attitude, this group is going places and they’re taking you with them! Design Ranch designed a fully comprehensive brand for the busy company, spanning from website to proposals, using everything from photography to illustration. We’ve designated this small bit of real estate on our blog to their new business-friendly look. Take a gander.

VanTrust Real Estate

Some Bunny to Love

03.25.13 | 4:25PM |

Hold onto your Easter hats, because Design Ranch is designing into another dimension. 3D that is. We’re sprouting springiness with a line of ceramic goods for Hallmark–candy dishes, Easter calendars, party dishes and then some. Hop on over to your nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store and pick one up!

Grovey Baby

02.14.13 | 5:14PM |

Here’s some delish design for your Friday. One of our recent pro-bono clients is doing some great things for Kansas City. The Giving Grove aims to provide community tree gardens for the hungry. The organization got a taste of Design Ranch charm, when we came up with their new name and logo. Puns aside… The Giving Grove has seen a ton of growth since its inception. We are proud to be a part of such a great cause!

I’d Cap That

02.06.13 | 6:6PM |

We’ve never claimed to be “number people.” (We’ll stick to the creative stuff.) But, this brand we designed for Columbia Capital has us feeling a bit savvier. With their new logo and marketing piece, they are sure to be the talk of the boardroom.

All About Adobe

01.28.13 | 6:28PM |

Wanna know a secret? Well… we can’t tell you all the juicy details, but we CAN tell you that Adobe stopped by The Ranch to get our feedback on their latest and greatest programs. We sampled a bit of the most recent updates, THEN got top-secret access to a whole slew of exciting things happening at Adobe. We are simply smitten that the masterminds behind our choice software asked OUR creative team for criticism. Too cool for words.

KCMO CDE In Motion

01.18.13 | 7:18PM |

The KCMO CDE enlisted Design Ranch, yet again, to design the third edition of their annual report. This year’s theme played off past annuals, highlighting their continued impact across the city. As the KCMO CDE expanded their reach, we literally expanded the annual to include a gatefold to illustrate their scope of work. This report will be a great tool as the KCMO CDE keeps on, keepin’ on.

KCMO CDE Annual Report - In Motion