When Charlotte Street Foundation asked Design Ranch to be a part of their gallery event, The Dining Room Project, we immediately said, “Yes, please and thank you!” We designed a kitchen with a concept based on the smorgasbord of events taking place at the gallery. Our ranchaliscious kitchen is a smattering of color, humor, dinosaurs… everything but the kitchen sink.


Lucky 13

03.31.11 | 4:31PM |

You may not know this but Design Ranch has been creating Brand Spankin’ design for 13 years. They say the number 13 is bad luck, but we beg to differ. Saddle up as we look back on the top 13 things that have made Design Ranch a leader in the design field.


Our Brand Spankin’ New Brand!

03.31.11 | 4:31PM |

Yippee! After much anticipation (and angst) we have a new website! Apparently, we were so busy cranking out wicked cool client work that we forgot about numero uno. Nevertheless, we’re back in the saddle with a brand spankin’ new site. (more…)

We love what we do at Design Ranch and apparently Ink Magazine does too! This week, our own Michelle Martynowicz showed off her designerific workspace to Ink. The article takes a look around her office focusing on things that influence her award-winning work at the Ranch.


DR’s Bahama Mammas

03.10.11 | 4:10PM |

Ingred and Michelle, our fearless leaders, principals and creative directors, just returned from the Buckle shoot on the beautiful Great Exuma Island, Bahamas. Here’s a glimpse at the sunny scenery you’ll soon be seeing in the Buckle summer campaign. Take a peek at our website to see select photos from Buckle shoots of yore.

Buckle Spring Art Direction

Buckle Posters, child!

02.28.11 | 4:28PM |

We gave you a little sneak peak into our “Life in Color” photoshoot way back when… now, here it is! The finished banner samples just arrived on our doorstep. Feel free to check out the whole spring campaign at a Buckle near you.

Buckle Spring Art Direction

A Textbook Example

02.23.11 | 4:23PM |

Call us the teacher’s pet if you must, but Design Ranch is honored to be influencing the next generation of designers. The Elements of Design, a graphic design textbook, references one of our poster designs as an example of a job well done. The lesson teaches about the psychology of color and points out our impeccable use of purple showing sophistication and value. A+’s for everyone!

Groundbreaking Design

02.11.11 | 4:11PM |

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come with our newest brand, Sheridan’s Unforked. Jim Sheridan of Sheridan’s Frozen Custard has expanded his penchant for pure, natural ingredients to the restaurant industry. Design Ranch pitched in by designing a comprehensive brand for the unconventional dining experience. Construction has already begun at 119th and Metcalf, but in the meantime, join us as we UNdo what people think they know about food.


DR loves a little color.

02.04.11 | 5:4PM |

Color can be a great tool when branding a company… or decorating your home! The latest issue of Spaces Magazine shows how our color expertise carries over into our every day lives. DR principal and color connoisseur, Ingred Sidie, was referenced by color experts at Hallmark for her use of bright hues in her daughter’s bedroom. If we do recall, it was last February that Ingred’s entire home was featured in the color issue of Spaces for its unique decor. The issue was fabulous. Needless to say, we were tickled pink!

Hallmark Means Business

01.25.11 | 6:25PM |

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at our photoshoot for Hallmark Business Connections. Michelle and Ingred flew to L.A. to art direct a library of photography for Hallmark’s new business-to-business brand. We went to great lengths to make sure that the new look was serious enough for Wall Street and warm enough to make meaningful, memorable, measurable business connections. View the finished project here.

Hallmark Business Connections