Addy-ing It All Up

02.24.16 | 10:24PM |

Before Addy season turns into Oscar season, we thought we’d update our fans on our most recent heap of achievements. Last weekend, we brought home 15 hard-earned Addy Awards for our work on Black & Veatch, Unicorn Theatre, Sparkling XO, The National Museum of Toys & Miniatures, Buckle, Kansas City Art Institute and the Hall Family Foundation. Leo, you can borrow one if you’d like. We have plenty to go around. Congratulation to all the winners! Get the full list here

Curiouser and Curiouser

02.10.16 | 8:10PM |

Go ahead, Kansas City, ask away! We know you’ve always wondered about the innie vs. outtie bellybutton ratio of the Kansas City Royals… or if methane from Midwest cow farts could be used as energy. So, go to to ask all your pressing questions. KCPT and CuriousKC will help you find the answer to what’s been keeping you up at night. Like, how many Chiefs players can ride together on the new streetcar? Or, how did Design Ranch come up with such a great logo for CuriousKC? Question everything! 

Hey. Hi. HOW.

02.02.16 | 2:2PM |

It’s becoming clear that HOW has a design crush on us. Our work for Finefolk got an incredible write up by their guest contributor. They praised Design Ranch for our ability to “get it right” with the name, brand and language we created for the high-end boutique. Read the full article here, as we talk shop and reveal the thought behind the details that make the Finefolk brand so compelling. 


Theater poster design is a true art. It needs to intrigue, excite and embody an entire play in one quick image. New York Times’ Eric Piepenburg made a call to Design Ranch to ask, “What’s behind the poster for the Unicorn’s Mr. Burns?” We were happy to oblige. His NY Times column, Behind the Poster, takes a look at the inspirations and design elements of theater poster art. Read our insight into the design for Mr. Burns here

Feeling Philly in 2015

12.28.15 | 9:28PM |

Let’s celebrate 2015, our nonprofit clients and our seven Philly awards. This year, Nonprofit Connect honored excellence in marketing and communications at the 2015 Philly Awards. We are proud to say two of our own took off with some serious awards. Truman Library Institute made out with two Phillies for our design in the categories of special events campaign and print magazine, as well as two awards of distinction. The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures won for the website and overall brand identity, plus another award of distinction for the identity campaign. Thanks for letting us be a part of the great work you do!

Peace and Joy From Buckle 

12.09.15 | 10:9PM |

We are peacing out for this holiday’s Buckle campaign. We tapped into our wild side with a photo shoot in the mountains of Colorado. Photo art direction is one of our many gifts here at Design Ranch, so in the spirit, we thought we’d share that love with you all. Happy holidays. Peace, love and joy. 

Turn It Up to A11

11.20.15 | 10:20PM |

Awards on awards on awards…Design Ranch was tickled pink by this year’s AIGA design awards gala. We almost ran out of fingers counting our winnings. Design Ranch ended up with nine total—one of which was juror’s choice! Our work on the Hall Family Foundation annual report must have struck a chord with the judges. We are so proud to be a part of such a talented design community. You rocked it, Kansas City. 

Buckle Falls for Charleston

10.21.15 | 3:21PM |

It’s nothing but laid back southern charm this Fall at Buckle. We traveled to old Charleston stompin’ grounds for this season’s photo shoot… and it is surely a sight for sore eyes. Directing this shoot was better than butter. We went catawampus and used pups for props and styling sweet as tea. And as far as location selection… mossier is saucier. Hold your horses, y’all can see more photo art direction from this season on our site. So good, itll make you mad at your mamma.

Buckle Fall Art Direction

Black & Veatch has been building a world of difference for 100 years, and this year they are celebrating.  To commemorate their centennial, they enlisted Design Ranch to help design and write a book that not only showcased the companys rich history, but hinted at their bright future. Black & Veatchs people are passionate about changing the world through engineering, design and infrastructure and this book certainly showcases that. Large photographs and unique print techniques make this forward-thinking book one to remember. Theres never been a better time to be a part of Black & Veatch.