Cookies & Beer & Design… oh my!

09.24.15 | 6:24PM |

It’s Cookie Monster’s dream come true… Jonathan Bender of Recommended Daily has gone beyond the call of deliciousness to write a cookbook that pairs beers with baked goods. From coconut macaroons to bacon shortbread cookies, there is no shortage of scrumptiousness in this book. The publishers must have heard our tummies growling, because they asked us to design the cover for this drinkable, munchable read. Our cover illustration for Cookies & Beer is a hit! But, with this subject matter, how could you go wrong?! Join us at the kickoff party on October 7th at Bier Station in Kansas City. Tickets here. Cheers! Nom nom nom!

It’s that time of year again! The Communication Arts Design Annual has hit the stands and it is overflowing with differentiating design. We may be biased, but one of the best projects pops up on page 90. Our work for the Hall Family Foundation was one of only three annual reports chosen for this year’s edition and we are just smitten with the honor. Congratulations to all the well-designed, well-deserved winners

Laying Down the Law

08.31.15 | 8:31PM |

Legal Aid of Western Missouri, a not-for-profit law firm, is taking action against their old brand. These lawyers are doing great things—providing free legal services for low-income individuals—and deserve a brand to support the caliber of their work. So, we stepped in. We were inspired by the scales of justice to create a more modern, fresh logo for the law firm. Read more about Legal Aid’s brand transition here.

Unicorn Sighting

08.19.15 | 8:19PM |

The Unicorn Theatre is back at it again—another season of seat rattling shows and Design Ranch-ified posters to promote them! This year’s series is jam-packed full of plays about Tibetan monks, a 600 lb. man, a stolen Picasso and a posse of mean girls… to name a few. The 2015-16 season starts next week with “The Oldest Boy” and our illustrative style is sure to break a leg or two.

Unicorn Theatre

Little Things Make a Big Impact

08.17.15 | 10:17PM |

There’s a not-so-little secret we’d like to let you in on… it’s the new brand for The National Museum of Toys / Miniatures. After a huge renovation, updated exhibits, and some branding by yours truly, they have re-opened their doors to the public. The museum holds the world’s largest collection of fine-scale miniatures and toys and it couldn’t be more magical. We did our part by distinguishing the two collections through the logo mark, and brought some whimsy to the brand with playful conversations. Get a glimpse of the new brand on their website, or stop in the museum for the larger than life experience!

National Museum of Toys / Miniatures

Speak, Girl! Speak!

07.21.15 | 6:21PM |

DR principal, Ingred Sidie, corralled a group of hoosiers in Indianapolis last Thursday with her presentation at the AAF National Speaker Series. Our leader had plenty to say–covering Design Ranch’s process and creative strategy. She threw down a little Design Ranch wisdom while encouraging strong, innovative, brandspanking design. If you missed the talk or want to know more about Ingred, take a look at her interview with AAF Indianapolis. Visitors left inspired and satisfied proving, once again, that a little Ranch dressing goes a long way!

On the Cool Side of Poolside

07.16.15 | 2:16PM |

Thursdays at Woodside are the coolest. That’s why we designed a groovy aesthetic to get members in the mood to chill by the pool. The retro design of our Poolside Sessions poster jives with the live music they host every Thursday during the summer. The illustration endorses a relaxing evening, while drink specials add a little extra something-something. If you’re feeling the vibe, take a look at for more info. Thursdays are so chill you may not even need to get in the water to cool off.

Woodside Pool Campaign

We are making a point to keep our Addy as spotless as our pearly whites. The American Advertising Awards awarded Design Ranch a silver honor for our work on Kansas City Dental Works brand collateral. The AAF Awards (formally the Addys) is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year recognizing and rewarding the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising. So if you’re in need of some tooth fairy magic, check into KC Dental Works and take a look at our nationally acclaimed work!

KC Dental Works

Back to Basics

07.02.15 | 4:2PM |

Let’s get down to basics. Education is important. SO important that the Hall Family Foundation dedicated their whole 2014 Annual report to the fundamental need for educational philanthropy. “Fundamentals” capitalizes on proper education across the board in the Greater Kansas City area and the impact it has on our society. So, in light of all this, we took the basics of education and elevated the concept with student portraits and inspirational still-lifes. The word “report” normally has kids running to their mailboxes to intercept grades before mom and dad see them, but this report is a step towards sending kids out into the world with confidence in their future.

The Communication Arts Illustration Annual is out in full force. There were 4,313 submissions, from all over the globe that entered this year and we are proud to say that Design Ranch’s work for Unicorn Theatre was recognized as one of the best of advertising illustrations. The high level of conceptual thinking and execution impressed the jurors. Translation: This year’s illustrations were smart and good looking. Here, here!