Branch Pattern

Human-centric brand transformation

Strategy, Naming, Branding, Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing Materials, UX


When the national building consultancy and engineering firm M.E. Group sought assistance from Design Ranch, the company aimed to develop a unique name and rebranding strategy that authentically represented its mission of enhancing the quality of life through creating better-built environments.


Design Ranch created the name BranchPattern to signify a convergence of human experience, nature, and environmental stewardship, reflecting the company’s core belief that sustainability arises from this intersection. The name captures both natural and engineering principles, and the idea extends to the BranchPattern logo, which embodies the essence of a building’s cornerstone, repeating this concept at different scales in a streamlined design that conveys a modern, unified brand. The logo effectively tells the story of the company’s intricate behind-the-scenes work, echoing branching patterns found in nature and engineering and symbolizing the complex networks found in the natural world and engineered systems. This forward-thinking design approach produces a cohesive brand that conveys diverse work happening at different scales.