Carthage Stoneworks

Constructing an updated brand

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Carthage Marble, a long-standing family-owned stone fabrication company, underwent an ownership change and identified an opportunity to engage architects and interior designers. Seeking to establish a more resonant connection with this specific audience, the company sought a refreshed identity and came to Design Ranch to redefine Carthage Marble’s brand, aiming for a modern, sophisticated image that showcased the company’s commitment to quality, aligning with the preferences of architects and interior designers.


To better connect with the target audience, Design Ranch proposed renaming the company Carthage Stoneworks, which retained the firm’s deep-rooted heritage while indicating an expanded product range and projecting a sophisticated image tailored to modern architects and interior designers. Through thoroughly assessing the company’s values, craftsmanship, and commitment to quality, Design Ranch sculpted a brand identity that captured Carthage Stoneworks’ dedication to excellence. The refreshed identity was not only compelling but also precisely tailored to the preferences and expectations of the target audience, ensuring a strong and resonant connection.

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