Coveted Home

A fresh perspective on interior design branding

Branding, Business Collateral, Design


Coveted Home was a Kansas City-based interior design and home decor boutique specializing in residential remodels, new construction, and interior styling. Driven by the idea that beautiful surroundings enhance life, the owners asked Design Ranch to develop a modern brand that seamlessly aligned with Coveted Home’s core principles and showcased the company’s high-quality design services.


Our solution involved developing a kinetic logo and a comprehensive visual identity system. This distinctive logo, featuring an interlinked ‘C’ and ‘H,’ effectively conveyed Coveted Home’s commitment to deepening the bond between individuals and their living spaces through carefully curated interiors. This revitalized branding was seamlessly integrated across all touchpoints, from hang tags to business materials, capturing the essence of the owners’ sophistication and artistic flair.