Relative Lighting

It’s all relative

Design, Language, Webdesign, UX / UI, Video, Content


In a world where attention is a prized commodity, Relative Lighting needed to strategically position itself to grab the spotlight online. The journey involves showcasing products and telling a compelling narrative that weaves together craftsmanship, artistry, and a commitment to bringing their client’s visions to light.


Design Ranch worked hand in hand with Relative Lighting to breathe new life into their brand identity and website. The result is a refreshing and contemporary aesthetic that captures the essence of Relative Lighting and draws inspiration from the world of modern dance. Design Ranch created a narrative that connects the artistry of lighting with the emotive power of dance. This innovative approach not only differentiates Relative Lighting in the market but also highlights the profound impact lighting has on shaping mood and ambiance, much like the transformative essence of a captivating dance performance. Complete UX and UI design created a digital experience that invites clients into the Relative Lighting family by allowing them to manage lighting purchases for their current projects while inspiring them to bring their next vision to light.