Porter Teleo

Styling a brand for the makers of hand-painted wallcoverings


Porter Teleo approached Design Ranch to help better define its brand to appeal to interior designers and architects that appreciate a high-end aesthetic, quality, and detail. The Porter Teleo team works collaboratively using a wide variety of processes, techniques, and mediums to create a collection of exquisitely designed wallcoverings and textiles.


The name Porter Teleo stems from the word teleology, which refers to a type of aesthetic judgment in which the design of an object embodies its purpose. This idea served as inspiration for all elements of the updated branding. For the new logo, Design Ranch used refined typography to represent the elegance and craftsmanship of the Porter Teleo collection. We leveraged poetic, thought-provoking language to communicate the company’s subtle and precise merger of fine art and interior design, developing the mantra “The final purpose in the material world.” The hand-painted, individualistic nature of Porter Teleo’s products means that each wallcovering is unique. To showcase their exclusive designer collection, we developed a direct mail piece that unfolds, the larger size demonstrating the beauty, craftsmanship, and true scale of the patterns.