Area Real Estate Advisors

Renaming and rebranding a company while maintaining links to its original brand history

Naming, Branding, Copywriting, Art Direction, Design, Business Collateral, Marketing Materials, Signage

The new owners of RED Brokerage knew they needed a new name, but they wanted one with a link to the RED brand history. Design Ranch landed on AREA Real Estate Advisors. Like RED (Real Estate Development), AREA was an acronym for the company name. With AREA, however, the acronym was more than just that. It became part of the full company name and spoke to the firm’s creative ability to connect people and spaces.

With a kinetic logo, detailed language system and dynamic graphics, Design Ranch helped AREA stand out individually while retaining a connection to its past. The new brand name and identity doubled AREA’s incoming clientele and led to a company expansion with the launch of a multi-family division in 2018.