General Services Administration

Enhancing morale through office navigation

Concept, Design, Fabrication Coordination, Collateral


When the General Services Administration (GSA) made the strategic decision to relocate its offices to downtown Kansas City, it was not just a change of address; it represented a significant transformation in how the organization operated. Working with Kessinger Hunter, Design Ranch was asked to develop a comprehensive wayfinding system to address this transition and enhance the morale of GSA employees. The system needed to guide employees and visitors through the new downtown Kansas City office space and be a crucial tool in facilitating a seamless transition to the organization’s new way of working.


Design Ranch used the heartland and the four states served by the GSA as the overarching concept, where Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas are represented as the North, South, East, and West corners of the office space. To enhance navigation and facilitate the transition to the new way of working, we designated floors, departments, and temporary workspaces with colors, numbers, and symbols that reflected their respective regions within a robust graphic system. This clear and intuitive visual system ensured that employees and visitors could easily navigate the office space while fostering a connection to the GSA’s core values and service areas.