Weaving history into modern living

Branding, Design, Wayfinding


When Chicago-based MAC Property Management set out to rehabilitate a neglected neighborhood in mid-town Kansas City, the firm asked Design Ranch to create a compelling name, brand identity, and intuitive wayfinding system for the newly updated development. The goal was to convey the essence of the property’s transformation, foster a sense of community, and provide a seamless navigation experience for residents and visitors.


The ambitious project redeveloped 11 historic apartment towers on Armour Boulevard in Kansas City. Our research uncovered the original street name, Commonwealth, which connected significantly to the city’s past. Its meaning, “the general good,” perfectly encapsulated the community spirit at the heart of the renovations. Many of these historic buildings had operated as apartment hotels in the 1920s and likely would have been demolished without the developers’ involvement. Instead, this project preserved an important piece of the city’s history under the fitting Commonwealth name. To honor the past while guiding the future, Design Ranch created an architecture-inspired logo system and practical wayfinding to help new residents and visitors easily navigate the renovated neighborhood.