Center School District – Professional Studies

Finding your center

Strategy, Branding, Copywriting, Business Collateral, Design, Art Direction, Marketing Materials


The Center School District in Kansas City, Missouri, sought to establish a brand identity for its newly envisioned Center Professional Studies program. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between high school students and practical career experiences, including job shadows, internships, and mentoring opportunities. Recognizing the need for effective communication and engagement, the District joined forces with Design Ranch to convey the program’s innovative value. Beyond traditional academics, this program gave students industry-specific exposure to shape their future decisions. The challenge was strategically developing a cohesive visual identity, messaging, and marketing materials that would resonate with key stakeholders—students, parents, staff, and community partners. The ultimate goal was to ignite excitement, drive engagement, and garner support for the successful launch of Center Professional Studies as a flagship career readiness initiative.


Design Ranch knew imagery would be crucial to engaging high school audiences. Our approach centered on editorial-style black-and-white photography featuring actual students in professional settings, lending an authentic career-focused feel. The candid images showcased students participating in real-world activities, reinforcing the program’s career exposure and readiness message. Complementing the gritty photography, we adopted a bold graphic style with strong lines that created dynamic patterns, with touches of vibrant lime green adding youthful energy and momentum. This distinctive visual identity, blending documentary-style photography with modern graphics, effectively captured the attention of high school students and reflected the program’s career-readiness objectives.