Center School District – Made Smart Campaign

Charting a course to success

Strategy, Branding, Copywriting, Design, Illustration, Marketing Materials, Website


Center School District approached Design Ranch for help launching an innovative learning campaign. The objective was to help parents and students understand the pathways to success from birth through graduation clearly and concisely. Operating within a diverse population where English is a second language for numerous parents, the district aimed to convey the critical message that school preparedness initiates even before a child’s birth. The campaign’s overarching objective was to communicate Center School District’s commitment to guiding parents and students toward future success.


Fueled by a strong sense of trust and unwavering support from the client, Design Ranch ventured beyond the initial request for a basic one-sheet map, proposing a more powerful approach. The result was the district-wide “Made Smart” campaign demonstrating the potential for success in every student. From crafting the strategy to shaping the compelling copy and illustrations, Design Ranch delivered content that set a new standard for public education initiatives. The community embraced the design, with students and teachers proudly donning “Made Smart” t-shirts to ignite enthusiasm, amplify awareness, and elevate the overall experience on “Made Smart Day” – the eagerly anticipated first day of school.