Grandview C4 School District

Building the Bulldog

Strategy, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing Materials, Environment


Design Ranch developed a multi-faceted branding initiative for the Grandview C4 School District to foster a stronger sense of district cohesion and community spirit. The objective went beyond promotion. The brand strategy needed to help inspire positive conversations and promote communication about diverse student experiences, the district’s vision for the future of education, and its mission in preparing students for success.


A series of focus groups engaged community members, teachers, and students in the process and provided the foundation for the new brand. We tapped into the community’s affection for the district’s “bulldog” and built a single, unifying mascot for all the schools – pre-K to high school. In addition to developing a custom font and icon system, we created the district logo – a shield of the letter G with rays coming from its form, sitting on the horizon – to symbolize the sun and a bright future. We then leveraged the phrase Future Strong to capture an educational system designed for real-world, employable success. The entire direction inspires motivation with powerful expressions that activate strong careers and life-long pursuits.