Kansas City Art Institute

Highlighting student success to showcase transformative education

Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Editorial, Marketing Materials


The Kansas City Art Institute chose Design Ranch to tackle a unique marketing challenge: connect with aspiring artists and address their parents’ practical worries. Our mission was to highlight the great value of a KCAI education by creating materials that blend creativity with practicality. We aimed to celebrate the institute’s dedication to art while showing how it prepares students for the real world. We were excited to demonstrate how the school prepares students with essential skills for success and the inspiration to pursue rewarding careers. We aimed to highlight the institute’s unique offerings in a compelling and informative manner.


Design Ranch devised a marketing approach highlighting KCAI’s most compelling attribute: the success and creativity of its students. This strategy involved curating a vibrant showcase of student works and milestones, intending to spark inspiration among aspiring artists and provide tangible reassurance to their parents about the educational excellence KCAI offers. The centerpiece of this strategy was an engaging visual collage, brimming with photographs of student projects and achievements, effectively capturing the spirit and community of KCAI. This collage served as a celebration of student success and a powerful illustration of the institute’s commitment to fostering creativity and practical skills. Through this approach, Design Ranch managed to bridge the gap between aspiration and practicality, engaging prospective students and their parents with a compelling narrative of opportunity and accomplishment.