How art moves us

Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing Materials, Environment


ArtsKC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering artists, sought a brand refresh to underscore its pivotal role as a cornerstone uniting diverse sectors and ensuring the arts are an essential element in the region’s prosperity. The group’s focus has always been on supporting artists and providing vital resources for their growth. The rebrand aimed for a credible and modern appeal, resonating particularly with a younger, more diverse audience while maintaining a sense of elevation. Through the mantra of “advancing lives through the arts,” ArtsKC offers programs and services not only for the local arts community but also for those engaging with the arts in Kansas City. Additionally, ArtsKC actively collaborates with local government and civic leaders, advocating for the arts across the region.


“Art Moves Us” was our rebranding initiative aimed at showcasing the profound influence of the arts on the broader community, driving innovation, evolution, and the re-imagination of our world. Through this effort, we introduced a visual identity that highlighted the role of arts in supporting and propelling Kansas City and its residents forward, ultimately enhancing regional awareness and credibility. Notably, this rebranding endeavor significantly contributed to ArtsKC’s growth by reinforcing its mission to empower artists and arts organizations. The accompanying communication strategy effectively boosted civic support for the cause.