Hall Family Foundation – 75 Year Book

Celebrating 75 years of community transformation

Editorial Design, Copywriting, Art Direction


The Hall Family Foundation is a private philanthropic organization dedicated to improving human life in the Kansas City metropolitan area through support and excellence. For its 75th anniversary, the Foundation tasked Design Ranch with creating a commemorative book that would genuinely reflect its mission, history in Kansas City, and commitment to enrichment programs while staying true to its longstanding core values and community impact. The book needed to narrate the Foundation’s decades-long journey and influence plainly yet powerfully.


To honor The Hall Family Foundation’s 75 years of community service, Design Ranch created a visual timeline as the narrative backbone for a commemorative retrospective. This straightforward, engaging timeline guides readers through the Foundation’s history, highlighting impactful community enrichment programs. It focuses on case studies presented through photos and concise captions conveying the Foundation’s ethos and influence. The piece celebrates the Foundation’s legacy of philanthropic excellence in improving lives across Kansas City while inspiring future generations to carry this legacy for another 75 years. Overall, it commemorates the Foundation’s profound community impact over nearly a century and looks ahead to its future, staying true to its longstanding mission and values.