K&Company – Smashbooks Extension

Empowering personal storytelling through innovative design

Art Direction, Branding, Campaign, Copywriting, Design, Editorial, Packaging, Photography, Illustration


K&Company commissioned Design Ranch to develop an innovative extension of their well-received scrapbook line of paper and embellishments. We conceived the “Smashbook,” a custom and unique fill-in-the-blank prompt book that seamlessly guides users through creating their scrapbooks by simply filling in the queues to develop their memory.


Design Ranch penned and crafted two unique volumes within the “My Fill-in-the-Blank Life” collection: editions focusing on “school” and “after school” experiences. By adopting a fill-in-the-blank strategy, these volumes simplify scrapbooking with inventive writing cues, each meticulously tailored to illuminate various facets of a teen’s journey. In forging paths for structured yet imaginative prompts, Design Ranch aspired to render the memoir-creation process more approachable and pleasurable for participants. The strategy encouraged individuals to reflect on their adventures, chronicling pivotal episodes inside and outside school walls. Through deliberate design and careful content selection, Design Ranch created an offering that promotes narrative sharing and deepens users’ connections to their own histories and milestones.