Hall Family Foundation – Mission Driven

Demonstrating impact with a narrative annual report

Art Direction, Copywriting, Editorial Design


The Hall Family Foundation tasked Design Ranch with creating an annual report that effectively showcased the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to supporting children’s well-being. The report needed to highlight the Foundation’s initiatives, achievements, and real-world impact on children and families. The goal was to create an engaging and informative final piece, giving stakeholders a deeper understanding of the Foundation’s mission and accomplishments.


Concepted to resemble a children’s book in size and style, Design Ranch incorporated child-like illustrations and playful colors to create an engaging visual theme. The report adopted a dashboard-style layout, allowing readers to access essential information quickly. To make it more interactive, we divided the report into distinct “stops” or sections, each highlighting a specific aspect of the Foundation’s work. This approach guided readers through a clear and structured journey, making it easier to understand the Foundation’s success and growth in supporting children. The combination of child-like illustrations, dashboard elements, and segmented content ensured that the report effectively conveyed the Foundation’s message in an engaging and comprehensible manner.