Central Links Golf

Expanding golf’s appeal

Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing Materials, UX


The Kansas City Golf Association and the Kansas Golf Association faced a significant challenge when they merged. The new group approached Design Ranch, intending to rebrand itself to attract a broader and more diverse audience, particularly newcomers to the game of golf. This required creating a brand identity that felt modern and welcoming. Additionally, the new association recognized that golf had developed a reputation for being overly traditional and exclusive. To counter this perception, it wanted to emphasize the fun and accessible aspects of the game and actively work towards introducing more people to golf, breaking away from the stereotype of a sport that takes itself too seriously and is difficult for newcomers to embrace.


The new association’s adoption of the name Central Links served as a symbol of its dedication to making golf inclusive in the heartland, and it set the stage for a transformative rebranding effort. The name not only brought credibility to the merger of two associations but also ignited momentum and excitement among future golfers. For the brand launch, Design Ranch developed the “Tee Off – Game On” campaign, which embraced a youthful, casual, and inviting tone, placing a strong emphasis on the fun and accessibility of golf. By doing so, it aimed to shatter the sport’s intimidating image and inspire active participation, effectively attracting a broader and more diverse audience. Infusing a sense of fun and inclusivity into the sport breathed new life onto the golf course, making it more appealing and approachable to all.