Hall Family Foundation – Informing the Future

Chronicling 75 years of giving

Editorial Design, Copywriting, Art Direction


Marking its 75th year, the Hall Family Foundation asked Design Ranch to craft an annual report themed “Informing the Future.” The report needed to commemorate the Foundation’s 75-year journey while highlighting the non-profit’s legacy and commitment to shaping the future through philanthropy. Our goal was to create a report resonating deeply with diverse stakeholders, seamlessly aligning with the Foundation’s 75th-anniversary celebration.


Design Ranch conceptualized and designed a commemorative book that unfolded like a file folder tab, spanning the Foundation’s impactful 75 years of operation while vividly highlighting each decade. The design incorporated colorful blocking and impactful imagery to bring the Foundation’s journey to life. Our approach ensured that the annual report served as a testament to the Foundation’s legacy and as a forward-looking piece that reflected its ongoing commitment to shaping a brighter future. The innovative file folder tab application added a tactile and interactive element, engaging stakeholders as they navigated through the decades. The result was a visually captivating and emotionally resonant annual report that celebrated the Hall Family Foundation’s significant contributions and paved the way for the impactful years ahead.