KCMO CDE – In Motion

Visualizing community impact

Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Editorial


The Kansas City Missouri Community Development Entity (KCMO CDE) supports economic and community development initiatives that help build and grow vibrant communities throughout Kansas City, Missouri. With their work involving numerous specialized programs and unfamiliar acronyms, they turned to Design Ranch for help in creating an annual report that effectively communicated this complex information.


Design Ranch developed a visually engaging piece, titled “In Motion,” using graphs and charts to summarize data. Striking photography was used to highlight the human side of the CDE’s work, making the report both accessible and impactful. The final design provided a clear and concise overview of KCMO CDE’s mission and services, garnering such positive feedback that the organization began using it as a marketing tool. This report successfully communicated KCMO CDE’s commitment to creating opportunities in Kansas City’s most distressed communities.