Hall Family Foundation – Begin/End

Navigating a year of transformative work

Art Direction , Copywriting, Editorial Design


The Hall Family Foundation faced a distinct challenge in reinventing its annual report to effectively showcase its ever-evolving contributions to the Kansas City communities. These contributions shift and adapt to address the community’s changing needs. The primary objective was to create an annual report that would dynamically reflect the Foundation’s ongoing mission and progress, avoiding the conventional and static formats commonly associated with such reports. The Foundation sought a fresh, engaging approach that would resonate with its audience, allowing them to connect with the Foundation’s journey and understand that each endpoint in the Foundation’s work signifies the start of something new.


The Hall Family Foundation’s support for the Andy Goldsworthy “Walking Wall” art installation symbolizes its work in Kansas City communities, where contributions are adaptable and ongoing, much like the ever-changing nature of the wall. We designed this annual report to reflect the dynamic essence of the Walking Wall, allowing readers to choose their starting point, just as one can flip the pages of a book in either direction. This metaphor signifies that in our community, the conclusion of one chapter often marks the start of another, mirroring the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to Kansas City. The report unfolds continuously, like the wall itself, offering viewers the choice to read from beginning to end or from the end to the beginning, both paths guiding them through our community and The Hall Family Foundation’s unwavering support, where the beginning is the end, and the end is another beginning.

This seemingly simple wall presents conceptual, philosophical, spiritual and practical challenges that are both enriching and exciting

Andy Goldsworthy, British artist and sculptor