The FIG Project

Building a visual identity that advocates for legal equality

Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Design, Editorial, Photography, UX, Video, Website


The FIG Project entrusted Design Ranch with creating a unique brand identity that embodies the organization’s mission to provide comprehensive legal protection to all individuals, regardless of financial status. The challenge involved crafting a brand that conveys The FIG Project’s integrated approach to tackling institutional, spiritual, and behavioral challenges while building trust and engagement among vulnerable communities. The objective was to develop a visual identity that connects with stakeholders and clearly expresses the organization’s dedication to social justice and community empowerment.


Design Ranch approached the project with a mix of creativity and empathy, influenced by The FIG Project’s mission and core values. By using the fig tree as part of the brand mark, Design Ranch encapsulated themes of resilience and growth, aligning with the organization’s commitment to positive transformation. The team chose modern graphic layouts and vibrant colors to create a feeling of energy and inclusiveness. Additionally, Design Ranch organized a photo shoot to complement the branding effort, capturing authentic images that showcase the diversity of the individuals and communities The FIG Project serves. This strategic combination of design and storytelling resulted in a brand identity that embodies the mission of The FIG Project’s mission and promotes trust and engagement with stakeholders and communities.