Johnson County Museum

Designing engagement for a Modernist exhibit

Campaign, Copywriting, Design, Environment, Marketing Materials


Design Ranch was tasked by the Johnson County Museum with developing a cultural exhibit that delved into the concept of “What is Modernism?” The goal was to create an immersive experience that explored midcentury art and architecture across the Midwest. The exhibit needed to captivate visitors and spark curiosity while effectively conveying the essence of Modernism to a diverse audience.


Design Ranch tackled the challenge by crafting a dynamic exhibit design complemented by striking marketing materials. Embracing bold aesthetics, we utilized a bright red pop of color and large typography to captivate visitors and draw them into the exhibit space. This cohesive visual approach extended to event invitations, exhibit banners, and an accompanying brochure, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. By creating an immediate visual impact and maintaining consistency throughout, Design Ranch successfully engaged visitors and invited them to explore the vibrant world of midcentury art and architecture showcased in the exhibit.