Wyandotte Health Foundation

Fostering healthier community lives

Branding, Business Collateral, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Materials, Website, Signage


The Wyandotte Health Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the health of Wyandotte County residents, with a particular focus on those facing economic hardships, by providing grants and fostering collaborative initiatives. In order to extend its impact and engage a broader audience, The Wyandotte Health Foundation turned to Design Ranch to revitalize its brand.


Wyandotte Health Foundation has been a steadfast, long-term ally in fostering healthier and happier lives within the community. Collaborating with Design Ranch, the organization sought to empower the community to create a brighter future by connecting individuals and partners with a revitalized brand, one that effectively mirrors the far-reaching influence this organization has on the community. This transformation encompassed the introduction of an updated logo, photography, and a new website, all designed to showcase the impactful work taking place within the community.