Rooted Health

Transforming perceptions in healthcare

Branding, Business Collateral, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Materials, Packaging, Signage


Rooted Health operates at the frontier of holistic healthcare, integrating innovative treatments such as Ketamine Therapy, Taochemy Acupuncture, and Functional Aesthetics with evidence-based care. Despite the company’s innovative approach, it faced the challenge of effectively communicating its holistic and precision care philosophy to a market with a conservative, traditional, and somewhat skeptical view of non-traditional medicine. Rooted Health’s comprehensive and personalized healthcare solutions needed a coherent brand strategy to convey its unique ethos and benefits in a way that would resonate with and educate its target audience.


Design Ranch refreshed Rooted Health’s identity with a focus on its comprehensive, holistic care approach. We introduced a logo that depicts an ‘R’ in a relaxed pose, sprouting new growth — a visual metaphor for patient rejuvenation and wellness. To underscore the natural aspect of Rooted Health’s treatments, we chose a color scheme inspired by earthy, calming tones. The branding approach uses simple questions and answers to clearly explain Rooted Health’s innovative methods, avoiding medical jargon and making the services easily understandable.