Inspire Medical Group

The art of strategic healthcare branding

Branding, Illustration, Marketing Materials, Design


Inspire Medical Group sought Design Ranch’s expertise to establish a distinctive brand identity that encapsulated their wide-ranging healthcare solutions, spanning hearing and balance disorders to facial plastic surgery. They wanted a brand that would resonate with individuals seeking personalized and expert medical care, emphasizing Inspire’s commitment to providing the best in healthcare. The goal was to communicate a comprehensive range of services while maintaining a sense of approachability and community connection.


Design Ranch met the challenge head-on, developing illustrations, a logo design, and business materials that captured the essence of Inspire Medical Group. The brand features a range of unique and layered illustration styles, featuring silhouettes of people’s profiles layered with textures and color, conveying a sense of freshness and trust. This visual language extended to stationary and merch designs, ensuring a cohesive and memorable brand presence. Through thoughtful design choices, Design Ranch reinforced Inspire’s commitment to offering unmatched medical care, creating a brand that stands out as distinctive and approachable in the healthcare industry.