University of Kansas Medical Center

Shining a spotlight on healthcare heroes

Art Direction


The University of Kansas Medical Center (KU Med) turned to Design Ranch for help improving its visual storytelling through a carefully directed photo library. The task was to capture the detailed work of KU Med’s medical staff in labs and operating rooms, highlighting their expertise and dedication. Beyond technical shots, it also aimed to show the human side of healthcare, including moments of compassion and resilience, while showcasing KU Med’s role in medical innovation. The photos had to align with KU Med’s brand and respect ethical considerations, ultimately telling a powerful visual story that connected with KU Med’s mission.


In addressing the challenge, Design Ranch directed the photoshoot to authentically capture the daily work of medical professionals. The images portray doctors and nurses engaged in their crucial tasks, genuinely representing the medical field. This approach emphasizes the dedication and precision of KU Med’s healthcare team without resorting to clichés, presenting a novel perspective on their expertise. It effectively acknowledges and aligns with KU Med’s commitment to delivering top-tier medical care.