Digitally empowering healthcare

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Boston-based Amwell is pushing the boundaries of traditional telehealth by forging a robust, interconnected digital care ecosystem that seamlessly blends in-person consultations, automated processes, and virtual care. Recognizing the need to enhance its brand experience, Amwell engaged Design Ranch, assigning the design team the mission to revolutionize and streamline Amwell’s brand journey. The goal was to facilitate clearer communication and a more effective brand strategy. By doing so, Amwell aimed to empower its internal marketing staff and, ultimately, improve overall outcomes in providing accessible and advanced healthcare solutions.


Design Ranch revitalized and transformed the Amwell brand by creating a versatile graphic system, offering flexibility while adhering to an essential brand guide that allowed for internal implementation. The line work within the design system symbolizes Amwell’s seamless integration, collaborative partnerships, and progressive solutions without overwhelming complexity. The diverse shades of blue symbolize the integration of services, technologies, and devices, culminating in a comprehensive solution. This refreshed system empowered both Amwell and the sales team to confidently present their innovative Converge platform.