Northwestern Medicine – Walk & 5K

Inspiring Hope, Celebrating Triumphs

Campaign, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Materials


Northwestern Medicine is a non-profit healthcare system affiliated with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. Northwestern Medicine entrusted Design Ranch with reimagining the brand identity for its annual “Northwestern Medicine Walk & 5K” Fundraising event, benefiting Living Well Cancer Resources and honoring cancer survivors. The challenge was to transform this long-standing event into a vibrant celebration while maintaining its deep connection to the cause it supports.


Design Ranch crafted a colorful and uplifting identity for the Northwestern Medicine Walk & 5K, infusing it with the spirit of celebration. The new identity featured a dynamic type of treatment with confetti, symbolizing the joy and triumph of cancer survivors and participants. This playful yet purposeful approach captured the essence of the event’s mission — to support cancer survivors while commemorating the journey. The revamped materials resonated with participants and sponsors alike, amplifying the event’s impact and creating a lasting impression of hope and community.