A fresh perspective for natural wellness

Brand Identity, Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing Materials, Packaging


The Laya Center, a holistic space deeply rooted in Afridevic principles of well-being, asked Design Ranch to help launch its line of herbal supplements called Herban. LaToyia and Joe Mays, the owners, started this project because Joe, a former Kansas City Chiefs player, experienced side effects from traditional Western medications for his football injuries. LaToyia envisioned a holistic alternative to minimize long-term side effects and promote well-being. Our challenge was to communicate the benefits of these supplements to a diverse audience seeking natural choices while honoring Afridevic wellness principles.


Design Ranch partnered with The Laya Center to establish Herban, a sub-brand for herbal supplements, health teas, and additives. The logo features a tree of life, symbolizing natural care and emphasizing the products’ natural and holistic qualities. This design conveys trustworthiness and authenticity and underscores Herban’s commitment to natural wellness. We extended this branding approach to packaging, marketing materials, and digital assets, creating a consistent and appealing brand experience for customers while highlighting Herban’s unique blend of energy medicine and herbal remedies that enhance health and well-being.