Vera Wang

Creating meaningful cards with refined aesthetic appeal

Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Illustration


Bringing together Hallmark’s expertise in greeting cards and Vera Wang’s signature fashion aesthetic, Design Ranch embarked on a collaborative project to develop a new line of wedding cards. The goal was to blend Wang’s flair for timeless romance and subtle grandeur with Hallmark’s tradition of celebrating relationships and connections. By understanding both brands’ essences, Design Ranch had the opportunity to create something fresh and distinctive in the wedding card space — cards with Wang’s refined style that still evoked the heartfelt emotions synonymous with Hallmark. This endeavor required balancing Wang’s discerning eye with Hallmark’s focus on crafting cards that resonate with all couples on their wedding day.


Design Ranch employed a delicate and refined thin-line illustration style to fuse Vera Wang’s elegance with Hallmark’s emotional resonance. Subtle touches like sparingly placed bows and gems enhanced the glamour without overpowering the delicate balance. The approach embraced Wang’s sophistication while maintaining Hallmark’s classic charm to produce an ideal blend. Cards evoked the refined sensibility of Vera Wang while still conveying the heartfelt warmth synonymous with Hallmark. This harmonious merging of styles created an elegant yet meaningful suite of cards that gave couples a graceful way to celebrate their bond, encapsulating romance and the union of two beloved brands on this momentous occasion.