Sunrise Greeting

Bringing a new dimension to everyday greeting cards

Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Illustration


Sunrise Greeting asked Design Ranch to infuse fresh creativity into its greeting card lines, spanning Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and general occasions. The goal was to craft distinct yet cohesive illustration concepts that differentiated holidays and resonated across diverse demographics, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers purchasing cards for loved ones. The company wanted visual languages that felt fresh and distinctive while having broad emotional appeal and aligning with Sunrise Greeting’s existing warm and welcoming brand personality.


Design Ranch crafted different illustration styles to match the feeling of each greeting card occasion. The illustrations were meant to make the cards feel more playful, emotional, and meaningful for each holiday. Using unique art for every card made Sunrise Greeting’s whole collection more creative and individualized. It showed the company could make cards that feel modern and artistic but still warm and familiar. The customized illustrations helped make each card feel joyful, meaningful, and suitable for Easter, birthdays, or any other occasion.