Lee Jeans – Say Something Campaign

Celebrating Individual Fashion Through Digital Conversation

Art Direction, Branding, Campaign, Copywriting, Design, Editorial, Marketing Materials, Photography


Lee Jeans wanted to create a marketing piece that authentically resonated with teens and 20-somethings, embracing their digital communication style and preferences. The task was to develop a concept that engaged these demographics and encouraged them to express themselves confidently through fashion across various digital platforms and real-life interactions.


Design Ranch immersed itself in the digital spaces and communication styles favored by teens and 20-somethings to craft an authentic and relatable marketing piece. The team captured the essence of genuine self-expression by combining lifestyle photography that resonated with these audiences, carefully art-directed, with handwritten text overlays mimicking casual digital conversations. The concept, centered on the message “Say Something,” perfectly aligned with Lee’s initiative to empower its target demographics to embrace their individuality and self-expression across various digital platforms and real-life interactions revolving around fashion.