Unveiling a collection where artistry blooms

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FineFolk is a boutique and studio in Kansas City known for its high-quality women’s clothing, accessories, and home goods. The shop attracts customers who appreciate carefully chosen and fashionable products. To showcase its summer collection effectively, FineFolk partnered with Design Ranch to organize a summer fashion show and event. The goal of the project was to debut the new clothing line in a way that embodied the unique essence of the FineFolk brand.


Design Ranch captured the spirit of the FineFolk summer collection by orchestrating an event at the Haw Gallery of Contemporary Art. The invitation design was inspired by the Japanese heritage of the owner and incorporated elements of Origami paper folding to create a sense of surprise and delight. Collaborating with photographer Forester Michael, Design Ranch successfully captured the essence of the FineFolk summer collection. The photography strikingly portrayed the leisurely essence of summer, effectively showcasing the fashionable designs.