Estudio Real

Reinforcing distinct brand persona across collateral

Branding, Business Collateral, Copywriting, Design, Packaging, Website


As a creator of distinctive wearable art crafted from natural materials, Estudio Reál sought an integrated branding and packaging solution to encapsulate its unique identity. This needed a cost-effective system capable of showcasing the range of handmade jewelry shapes and sizes while reflecting the texture and earthy tones of the organic materials used. Most importantly, it had to promote the Estudio Reál brand persona across platforms through a versatile yet intimate aesthetic — maintaining its artisanal commitment to sustainability and handmade quality.


Drawing inspiration from the wood, bone, and stone elements in the jewelry pieces, Design Ranch developed multi-use collateral centered on richly textured letterpress posters. Through unorthodox shapes mimicking natural edges and a muted color palette, the packaging extends the brand’s visual identity and organic sensibility. The posters serve a dual purpose — when folded, they convert into custom encasements sized for various jewelry items. Together with complementary business collateral, this integrated approach showcases the raw yet refined beauty of Estudio Reál’s wearable art while amplifying its brand recognition. The adaptable system maximizes exposure and versatility across consumer touchpoints in a manner that resonates with the intimate studio’s dedication to sustainability and handcrafted uniqueness.