Buckle – On Tour

Branding that hits the right notes

Campaign, Editorial Design, Copywriting, Art Direction


The Buckle is a leading American fashion retailer that sells contemporary casual apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. Originally founded in 1948 as a men’s clothing store in Kearney, Nebraska, the company evolved over the decades into a specialty retailer focused on denim, casual wear, and youth fashion. When The Buckle saw an opportunity to deepen its connection with customers, especially around its denim focus, it partnered with Design Ranch to develop an integrated marketing campaign centered on denim that would span customer touchpoints, including in-store, print and digital platforms.


Knowing The Buckle’s target audience of fashion-forward youth and young adults, we chose music as a central theme to connect with customers and drive engagement across channels. We developed the campaign headline “On Tour” as a playful reference to a musical tour and a tour of Buckle’s latest clothing and accessory offerings—visuals incorporated rockabilly and retro aesthetics with concert venue shoots and music equipment props. Styling focused on showcasing the latest denim, leather, and boots. The music theme, edgy styling, and on-tour narrative created a cohesive, exciting campaign across in-store, print, digital, and social channels to reengage the brand’s core demographic with Buckle’s newest casual wear and accessories.