Buckle – Spring Happens

Unveiling spring’s fashion spirit

Art Direction, Campaign, Event Materials, Image Book, Marketing Materials, Web Assets


The Buckle is an American clothing store chain that transitioned from its small-town roots to a staple retailer nationwide in suburban malls and shopping centers. Known for its extensive collection of clothing, footwear, and accessories catering to individuals of all ages, The Buckle approached Design Ranch to harness the spirit of spring and translate it into a captivating marketing campaign that showcased its diverse inventory and fostered deeper customer engagement and connection.


Photography played a pivotal role in this campaign, capturing shots in the hidden gems of Las Vegas venues that showcased The Buckle’s clothing line with an authentic flair. Building on the playful nature of Las Vegas, known for its “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” tagline, the campaign materials creatively riffed on this idea, transforming it into the carefree and delightful message, “Spring Happens.” This emphasized the notion that fashion is meant to be enjoyable and free-spirited. The theme encouraged customers to embrace the season with enthusiasm and style, and the campaign heightened customer engagement and effectively positioned The Buckle as a brand that effortlessly captures spring’s vibrant and carefree spirit.