Blending sports and style

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Cherry, a pioneering woman-owned sportswear brand known for its quality and style, contacted Design Ranch for a strategic partnership. The company wanted to develop a distinctive brand strategy and image aligned with Cherry’s mission and growth plans. Established in 2012 by a multi-sport female All-American athlete, Cherry is dedicated to blending sports, fashion, and fun in every creation. Cherry asked Design Ranch to revitalize its brand identity by embracing current trends to enhance visibility and customer engagement in the dynamic sportswear market.


Design Ranch conceived a new brand identity that places the Cherry name at its core. The brand logo features the signature red hue artfully combined with a neutral palette, allowing the apparel to take center stage. Our brand language encourages individuals to embrace their unique style while seamlessly intertwining their love for sports and teams. The photography art direction balances aspiration and relatability, crafting a lifestyle narrative that resonates deeply with the target audience. This comprehensive approach revitalized Cherry’s identity and positioned it for increased visibility and customer engagement in the dynamic sportswear market.